It brings to us all at Kerslake Construction great sadness at the passing of Mr Will Kerslake on the 27th June 2023.

Starting the company in 2004, Mr Kerslake built this company up from scratch to the reputable company it is today. Mr Kerslake began his working life as a bricklayer, before going on to start his own business, W. Kerslake Builder which has expanded to what is now Kerslake construction Ltd, a successful local construction company over the past 30 years, to which Will owned and directed.

The extreme success of this business over this period is down to high standards and quality of work, along with the friendly and personable touch of the employees, all of which come back to Mr Kerslake, and his character and leadership.

Mr Kerslake decided in 2021 to look at a way to continue the business as he reached an age where he looked to step back from the business and enjoy retirement. This led him to ask the expertise of Mr Manning who engaged price bailey into selling 60% of his shares to a Employee Ownership Trust. In early 2022 this process was complete. It was Mr Kerslake kind nature, Loyalty and commitment to his work force which saw him explore this option so he was aware his family and friends were safe in employment for years to come. It is very sad Mr Kerslake will now not get to have and enjoy the retirement he so much deserved.

Mr Kerslake was an exemplary boss to all at Kerslake construction Ltd and he cared about all his workforce.

He sadly leaves behind Mrs Jane Canham (Fiancée and company secretary), Ryan Kerslake (Son and carpenter), Toby Kerslake (son and decorator), Mr Kirt Canham (Son in law and Groundworker), and Mr Kain Canham (son in law and bricklayer). Will's Brother John Kerslake was working for Kerslake Construction until his sad passing in September 2020.

Mr Kerslake was a friend and his kind personality and nature will forever be missed. He was a genuine person who would do anything to help anyone and we are sure his words of wisdom will be echoed and remembered for years to come.

Outside of work, Mr Kerslake had many hobbies. He loved luxurious holidays with fiancée Jane, mountain biking in Dunwich and Tunstall forest with friends and family, yearly trips to Wales on his motorbike including riding at the weekends sometimes even using his bikes to travel from site to site, His curry club where he always had an extra hot Naga and trips all over the UK shooting with his close friends.

He was also Chairman of Halesworth Town Football club which in his time he has done a lot of sponsorship and good for the club.

Kerslake Construction Ltd will keep going to keep Mr Kerslake Legacy going for years to come. 


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